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The objective of this diploma thesis is to discuss the topics "Knowledge Management" and "Semantic Web" and their relevance in organizations. The following research questions precede this thesis:

  • What relevance do knowledge management and semantic technologies have in the daily work of people working in knowledge intensive domains?
  • Which possibilities lie in the adoption of knowledge management and semantic technologies?
  • Are semantic technologies already fit for practical use?

To establish an understanding of the addressed topics, the basic concepts are outlined in the theoretical part of this thesis, also taking the research questions into consideration. The basis of the empirical part of this thesis are group discussions held in different organizations. The discussions were interpreted and analyzed using the documentary method.

As a result of the empirical part of this thesis, starting points for an understanding of the topics "Knowledge Management" and "Semantic Web" and their relevance in organizations are developed and possibilities for creating types are shown. The empirical results, in short, provide the following answers to the research questions:

  • The "theoretical relevance" of both topics is high, the "practical relevance" on the other hand is rather low. Neither do structured concepts for knowledge management exist in the studied organizations, nor are there attempts at using semantic technologies.
  • Most of the participants have not heard of the "semantic web" prior to the discussions. After having been introduced to the topic, the relevance of the semantic web and of semantic technologies is rated high.
  • Possibilities are seen in a better management of information or knowledge in organizations and, especially for semantic technologies, in the improvement of search functionalities and search results.
  • Semantic technologies are not yet seen as fit for practical use.
  • The connection between knowledge management and semantic web is taken as a fact without giving any justification for it.